Oil Sealed Pumps

Oil sealed are long-lasting, low maintenance vacuum pumps. Divided into one and two stages

One stage vacuum pumps.

For industrial use, manufacturing, and central systems, there is a need for bigger flow rather than vacuum depth.

We offer the Mils Evisa series with a vacuum of 0.06mbar and a flow rate of 25 to 800m3 / h. Edwards ES series, Busch and other pumps. Comes with boosters to increase flow.




The boosters can be assembled with single-stage vacuum pumps to increase flow, are sold together with new pump or assembled with existing pumps.




We also offer ATEX compliant pumps and pumps for oxygen pumps, which are intended for use in explosive atmospheres.



Two stages;

Designed to work as a forevacuum for turbomolecular or cryopumps, where the depth of the vacuum is important. Vacuum depth up to 2×10-4mbar.

We offer Welch, Edwards RV and E2 series. Also Pfeifer, Busch, Alcatel and other manufacturers of pumps.