Dry vacuum pumps

We offer:

Becker and Mils dry pump series VT, KVT, KVX, Vacuum 100-150mbar, pumping speed from 4 to 150m3/ h, depending on need. Becker’s and Mils budget pumps are made in Germany, most often used in proces,  printing industry, for degassing, holding, vacuum transporting.


Edwards  XDS ir NXDS Naudojami kaip forvakuumas turbomolekuliniams siurbliams, padengimų pramonėje, Crio fizikoje, degazavimui, distiliacijai, filtravimui, liofilizacijoje.

Edwards XDS and NXDS Used as a forevacuum for turbomolecular pumps, coating industry, Crio physics, degassing, distillation, filtration, lyophilization

Mills Sirella – Claw type dry vacuum pumps, 50 mbar vacuum pumps, used in places where uninterrupted vacuum is required, these pumps can operate continuously for 24/7/360, these pumps are serviced only every few years and only change of oil in the gearbox is needed.